Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blessings for Baby House 19

    Operation: Christmas in Nikolaev 
Blessing the Children of Baby House 19
Please consider helping bring Christmas to children living in an orphanage in Nikolaev, Ukraine.  In conjunction with Circle of Hope, a charity located in Huntsville, Alabama, Christmas boxes are being collected to deliver to children in time for Ukraine’s Christmas holiday. There are approximately 115 children living in the orphanage, ranging in age from infant to 5 years old. Christmas boxes will be delivered directly to the children by a group of volunteers living in Ukraine.
Christmas gifts are going DIRECTLY to the children. This project began because of a group of families across the United States who have adopted  from this very baby orphanage and we will never forget the children we met there, still living in the baby house. Our wish is to bless each child on Christmas morning, and to give them something that will make them smile, something that is their own. Others are connected to this project because they believe adoption and caring for orphans is very important.

We want to help by sending Christmas cheer to the children we saw each day during our adoption journey and to remember all our children's friends still living in baby house 19.
Thank you for your support and for helping bring a smile to so many little faces!
How you can help:

1.Create your own Christmas box, decorated if you wish 
 2.You may donate items which we will then assemble into Christmas boxes (instructions below, if creating your own, we ask you please keep your contents between $5-$20)
3. Consider a monetary donation using the chip in button located on the sidebar. All donations over $25 are tax deductible. You can also mail your donation to Circle of Hope (a non profit organization located in Huntsville Alabama) P.O. Box 4921, Huntsville, AL 35815. Include your name/address if you would like to use donation for tax purposes.
Monetary donations will be used to purchase toys, clothing, gift wrapping and to cover shipping costs.

4) Follow along on this blog to watch as children receive their Christmas gifts! We will be posting pictures and updates! Our children who have been adopted out of the baby house are eagerly participating in this project!

Due to shipping time, all items will need to be ready for shipping on November 7th .

If you are located out of state or are not close to a drop off location in the North Alabama area, please ship your boxes/donated items to the following address by October 30th to ensure packaging and shipping to Ukraine: 

Huddle House 1802 Main Street East  Hartselle, AL  35640

Local Drop Off Sites:

ALFA Insurance
6124 Hwy 72 East, Suite D
Gurley, AL

Contact: 256 776-4215 - Stephanie Thorson
Drop off daily M-F between 8am - 5pm until Friday, October 28th

CrossFit Huntsville
(Behind The Matrix)
3228 B Leeman Ferry Road

Huntsville, AL
Drop off Saturday, October 29th between 8am-11am ONLY.

Questions or want to arrange box pick - up?  Contact us at

Instructions for shoe boxes:
Decorate a women’s shoe box with the following suggested items, label “boy” or “girl” on outside of box and rubberband box closed. Please do not use a large "boot" box. Plastic "dollar store" boxes are ideal.
Socks – boy or girls, all sizes up to 5t

Underwear (girls or boys or all white for either)
Children's sunglasses,  hats appropriate for warm weather or cold weather (boys or girls)
Small toys – ideas include: barbies, Lego's, puzzles, crayons, action figures, dolls with clothing, hot wheels cars
Children’s gloves
Hair bows/barrettes (girls boxes)
New clothing (inexpensive) all sizes up to age 5
*Please do not include nail polish or candy*

Consider purchasing packs of inexpensive toys and dividing among boxes.

We thank you for helping make this a very special Christmas for so many little children!

"In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”


  1. Any idea on size ranges we should be looking for with the clothing/socks/undies/etc...



  2. Good question Brooke! The children at 19 range from newborns to age 5. I think any size from infant to toddler would work perfectly. Thank you so much for your help!

  3. Are you just wanting one pair of socks and one pair of underwear per box? Or a set? Also, since there are babies as well, did you still want underwear? or maybe diapers or something? I'm hoping to be able to send a few boxes! :)

  4. We purchased packs of socks and put one in each box, underwear the same. I honestly can't say about diapers...Michelle may know??? We also put sun hats, small toys (bouncy balls, playdough, etc.)in our boxes.

  5. Oh, if placing any clothing in Christmas boxes, be sure to leave the tag on it so they won't think it is used..there are concerns about "germs" and we have been asked to send gently used clothing separately packed.

  6. Are you still looking for boxes? If we managed to get 10 here in MN and send them to you would you still need them?

  7. Yes Gretchen...we are still in need of boxes! Any boxes you can get to us would be wonderful!

  8. Will each box go to one child, or will the items be split up? In other words, would it be helpful for me to note the approximate age/size the box is for in addition to the gender, or does it not really matter?

  9. Christy, each child will get a box. The way I did our boxes is to make them very general boy and girl boxes, and the label them 'boy, age 1-5' or 'girl, age 1-5'.

    I don't think it will really matter, but I think labeling a box for an older child or a baby box won't hurt, and may be more helpful to those distributing.