Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thanks for being a blessing...

First...I must say there are a whole bunch of 19 mamas who are just blown away by your outpouring of love, support, and generosity for the precious souls that still weigh heavy on our hearts.  YOU have donated from your heart to give an orphan a Christmas blessing this year and oh how awesome it has been to see the Christmas goodies keep rolling in....

Many of you have donated cute toys...

...socks, underwear, gloves, hats, hair bows...

...and then there were the boxes...

When the mamas of baby house 19 wanted to do something for the children we said goodbye to...we were praying that we would collect enough boxes to provide a gift to each of the 115 children that live behind the walls of baby house 19.  NEVER would we have imagined that the Lord would use so many of His servants to spread the word and provide for His children.  As I'm typing this post...we have collected 189 boxes with more still on the way.  You...our sweet friends...have not only provided the children of baby house 19 with a Christmas blessing...but we have gotten word that an older children's internat located in the same region will also love to have Christmas blessing boxes for their children.  Isn't it amazing!  The children of 2 different orphanages will be receiving Christmas gifts this year...Praise God!

We still need your help!  Please spread the word...we are still in need of monetary donations to help cover shipping.  Remember...all donations of $25 or more are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

On behalf of the mamas of baby house 19...thank you for giving to the children of Nikolaev and providing a special Christmas blessing for each child that is still waiting for a forever family of their own!


  1. Did the boxes make it overseas? Its been quite awhile since there was an update...

  2. Dear Anyonymous-
    The boxes DID make it, last week, and they will be delivered tomorrow (7th) to the baby house and on the 8th to the older childs orphanage.
    We can't wait to update with pictures of the deliveries! And we will as soon as possible!

  3. I am sad that there have not been updates on this blog. I have been checking for the past four months--is it still active? should I stop checking?

    1. We apologize for how long it has taken to update the blog. We were waiting for pictures and also waiting for approval to post them (on what was ok to post, what to crop, what to blur, etc)
      I'm working on the post right now, I think we have everything in order. Thank you for being patient, but we didn't want to jeapordize any of the children or our relationships there by posting what we weren't supposed to.

  4. Thank you each and EVERY person who donated, lovingly donated boxes filled with treasures and prayed over this project. As parent's of kiddos who have come home from these two orphanages we can say it humbles us to see how many God brought forward to reach out and help. We have seen these little ones, walked the halls of the orphanage and it brings much JOY to us to see the JOY on their little faces, all those we left behind. Thank you for being patient and understanding. God bless!